India’s First Browser: Epic!

Software Company called Hidden Reflex, based in Bangalore, has launched new web browser named Epic.

This is the first ever browser launched in India.

Now Indians have their own browser to surf the Internet and specially customized to their needs.

This browser has many features like:

  1. It is having lots of Sidebar Applications, approx. 1500+ Apps. All are Free.  You can have more fun, Be more productive or both.
  2. Its India Go. Instantly, Latest Movie Songs, Live Cricket Scores, News from a Dozen+ Leading Sources in various regional Languages, Live TV, Stock Quotes, Events, Videos even with a daily Joke.
  3. Is Privacy Important to You?
  • One click Private Data Deletion.
  • One click Private Browsing.
  • Built-in Flash Cookie deletion (The First Browser ever to Kill them).
  • No Browsing reports.

4.  It has Maximum Security that it can. For your Browser there is:

  • Built-in Antivirus Scanner: Scan all your downloads automatically or Scan your System manually and Its Free.
  • Malicious Website Warnings: The browser will also warn you when you visit the sites which contain viruses, worms, malware etc.
  • Anti-Phishing Detection: It will also warn you where there is a probable Phishing.

5. You can type in Indian Languages easily and everywhere.

6. Over 1500+ Indian Themes and Wallpapers are provided to have an Indian Feel while browsing.

And Now, Here is the link to download EPIC:

Above all, it is the next big achievement after the symbol of Rupee, which is the fifth currency in the world to have its own symbol. Thus, India is definitely climbing great heights with such concepts coming about.

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