Upgrade your browsing experience with Rockmelt

[![Upgrade your Browsing Experience with Rockmelt](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-MfcikLZ9Qo4/Tu1dX9Ox3FI/AAAAAAAAARo/8q87L2W87eU/s200/rockmelt.png "Upgrade your Browsing Experience with Rockmelt")](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-MfcikLZ9Qo4/Tu1dX9Ox3FI/AAAAAAAAARo/8q87L2W87eU/s1600/rockmelt.png)
# Upgrade your browsing experience with Rockmelt

Hey Fellas! I am here with a nice tool which will surely redefine your browsing experiences. The future web will be completely dependent on the Social Networks and the information being shared and the updates. So the tool which is goona do it for you now is Rockmelt.

Rockmelt is a browser developed by RockMelt, Inc. and available for Windows Machines and iPhones. The Rockmelt browser is made up on the core of Google Chrome and loaded with some very handy things which will will help you a lot while browsing. The features which are being offered  by Rockmelt are:

1. The browser is completely Social Network friendly. 2. The browser makes you online on Facebook as you open browser. So no need to log in to Facebook every time. 3. Get Facebook notifications from the browser window.
[![](http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-mFqDL_YDsbs/TvCGmvdWPEI/AAAAAAAAASE/AYTtHoqeYt8/s1600/notification-inactive.PNG)](http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-mFqDL_YDsbs/TvCGmvdWPEI/AAAAAAAAASE/AYTtHoqeYt8/s1600/notification-inactive.PNG) [![](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-lYumEIxxSHY/TvCGmNLUdsI/AAAAAAAAASA/PKThAkMH9Wk/s1600/nitification-active.PNG)](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-lYumEIxxSHY/TvCGmNLUdsI/AAAAAAAAASA/PKThAkMH9Wk/s1600/nitification-active.PNG)
4. Ease sharing of Status on Facebook and Twitter with location and link addition support.
5. Directly share the URLs from the address bar. 6. Sustaining bookmarks i.e. same bookmarks for a Facebook account. 7. Persistent history even after PC format or New installation of Windows. 8. View the links Later. You can add links to View Later app integrated inside Rockmelt. 9. Get Facebook and Twitter updates right from browser window with internal video player.
[![](http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ZhYdopW1iyY/TvCH90L3mII/AAAAAAAAASY/3qCGPruGDaw/s1600/FB+stories.PNG)](http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ZhYdopW1iyY/TvCH90L3mII/AAAAAAAAASY/3qCGPruGDaw/s1600/FB+stories.PNG) [![](http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-3Ye7oOjumo0/TvCH-YsncrI/AAAAAAAAASc/49S5SFt0E-I/s1600/TW+updates.PNG)](http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-3Ye7oOjumo0/TvCH-YsncrI/AAAAAAAAASc/49S5SFt0E-I/s1600/TW+updates.PNG)
10. Internal listing of Online and Offline friends with Favorites separation.
11. Internal Chat app for Facebook.
12. Social Reading, know what your friends are reading and show them what you are reading. 13. Desktop notifications of Facebook chat messages, stories and Gmail chat messages. 14. Chrome theme support. 15. All other features of Chrome for which Chrome is known is kept as it was in Chrome.
Apart from these above features, I would suggest it to people who like to be Social. So Happy Browsing and Christmas is coming so get your PC equipped with the very Handy browser, Rockmelt.
Download it from here: [http://www.rockmelt.com/about.html](http://www.rockmelt.com/about.html)
And also do let me know about your browsing experiences with this browser, [Rockmelt](http://www.rockmelt.com/).
Now you would find it Clumsy to get it for PC
Here is the Cnet’s Download Links:
[](http://download.cnet.com/RockMelt/3001-2356_4-75325139.html?spi=50f191a5f52078cb3774d999b0a1ef4a&dlm=0 "Cnet Download Rockmelt Browser")