Yahoo Voice security compromised, 450k Passwords posted online

If you like to share your voice on Yahoo Voice and are regular member of Yahoo voice, it is the time to be worry about your security. Security of Yahoo voice has been compromised.

Yahoo Voice has been hacked and more than 450k passwords have been posted online in the plain text format.

There is a txt file posted online on which contains some MySQL dumps and then many email id with their passwords. All the passwords are posted in the plain text format. This is really a serious breach.

See list of passwords

Few days back, LinkedIn also faced password leakage. But their passwords were posted in encrypted formats. But Yahoo passwords are in plain text.

There is no official statement from Yahoo regarding this password leakage. We are trying to reach to the officials.

All yahoo voice users are advised to change their account password as soon as they can. If you use similar password in other accounts, change password of all those account having similar password.

If we take a look in the recent password leakage, we see that big names also fail to employee good encryption to make password secure even after leakage. Linked used simple md5 that is not recommended. We cannot say how Yahoo voice stores their passwords. We have plain text here which is a serious issue and a time to worry.