World’s largest HDTV installed in North Carolina, spans 200 feet

When we shop for a new [HDTV](* we normally think in inches, but the folks at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina had other ideas. They went big, world-record big in fact, with a 200′ wide [Panasonic](* HDTV situated on the edge of the track.
The venue is a hot spot for NASCAR, and fans of the sport will first be able to lay eyes on it during the May 21 All-Star Race.
Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. didn’t feel like waiting until race day to see the screen in action and made a trip to the speedway just after the screen was installed. He also became the first person to play a video game on the colossal set; a driving simulator from iRacing was hooked up to the huge set and Earnhardt took it for a spin.
The screen tops the previous world record holder which was installed in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium in 2009. That display measures 160′ wide, making the Charlotte Speedway screen the leader by a very large margin. It’s somewhat humorous that these massive TVs are located at venues that people usually watch via their TVs at home. Do people really want to leave the comfort of their living rooms and buy tickets to an event just to watch it on a bigger version of what they already have at home? I guess we’ll find out.