Work faster on slow connections!

Hey Fellas! Here I gonna share a tip to work faster on slow connection! Many times it happens when you want to go through a web page and due to slow connection speed the images in web page make it harder to go through the web page easily!
So the solution is [ViewText]( is a service provided to make reading content on the web easier, faster, and safer by extracting the main article content from news items, blog posts, RSS feeds, and PDF’s. The text is big, beautiful, and void of distracting items, perfect for reading on mobile devices. You can also use ViewText on your site by linking articles through the ViewText engine.


  • Extracts article content from web pages
  • Combines multi-page articles into one
  • Populates RSS feeds with the full article content
  • Extracts text from PDF files
  • Beautiful on mobile phones
  • Caches content
  • Removes scripts
  • Convert text to PDF


Drag the button below to your browsers toolbar. When you are on a page that you’d like to view with ViewText, simply click the button.


Chrome Extension

Text Only, Please! is the chrome extension to add a hyperlink context menu to view the link as a ViewText link.

Add to Chrome 

So friends! Happy Browsing!!! and please let me know about your views!