Windows 8 RTM ISOs leaked

One day after Microsoft announced they had completed development of Windows 8 final version (ie the RTM – Release to Manufacturing – the version we see in stores), has leaked online and available for download on several Torrent trackers and other sharing services archives.

Unfortunately for Microsoft however, a few days ago the Enterprise N version of Windows 8 RTM (build number 9200) was leaked out on the internet. For those wondering, this ‘N’ version of Windows lacks the pre-installed Windows Media Player, due to rulings from the European Commission.

Now, according to Neowin, a Russian hacker has confirmed he has in his possession the x86 and x64 versions of Windows 8 Enterprise, and furthermore has already leaked them on to the internet. To make matters worse for Microsoft, the hacker has stated he has also leaked the Pro version of Windows 8; making 4 new builds of Windows 8 available for pirates to download.

These four new builds of Windows 8 that have been leaked are non-N builds (containing the Media Player software) and apparently are untouched ISOs from Microsoft and can be booted without problems. This comes as a surprise because the last builds of Windows 8 that were leaked online a few days ago were not bootable and had a key embedded into the installer by the leaker

Microsoft was not available for comment, but this has to be a major concern considering these leaks happened pretty much right after sending all the Windows 8 RTM builds to manufactures. We recommend that all users stay away from these leaked builds, as you never know if they might have been modified or not.

The leaked version is the ”N”  edition of the Windows8,  which does not include Windows Media Player (version for legal matters to Europe) and probably the arrival of a patch or activator will soon come. It is also a version of “Non Boot”, ie we can not start the installer from booting.

To get Windows 8 through legal means, we have to wait until October 26, although MSDN and TechNet subscribers can download it on August 15.  It is also a good time to review the three versions available:

  • Windows8
  • Windows-8 Pro – which brings features such as disk encryption via BitLocker, load the PC from a virtual hard disk, connect the other PC remotely, to be sold also as an “upgrade” for normal versions of Windows 8
  • Windows-8 RT (ARMS processor, such as those found in tablets)