Website Design?? Cogitate!!

Website Design

In today’s fast moving world where there are multiple options for people to choose between websites (be it a shopping site or a booking site or a place where they are looking for information) and that our website is one among the options.

It is extremely important to keep the visitor happy while they are in and hope that  they will be coming back to our website next time.

Here are some key trends/ advantages that need to be consider while creating a web site which could help to achieve what is said above. These Website Design trends will help you decide what you primarily need to focus when designing a website.

  1. Responsive Web Design – Having the website to respond to a wide variety of screen sizes (with the rise of mobile users) with a good RIA.
  2. Minimalism – This is a huge trend right now and goes along with the metro of having just the bare essentials, keeping over the graphics and unrelated content out of the picture.
  3. Typography – Bolding headlines and picking the right fonts to mix and match is a hot trend with texts in web design.
  4. Parallax – The background scroll happens at a slower pace than what the foreground is creating gives a good user experience addition to the web sites.
  5. Infinite Scrolling – A great user experience that allows the content to keep loading continuously as you scroll down the page without having the page to reload.
  6. Fixed Header – Having a fixed header bar with a main menu on it helps you to navigate through the site quickly without wasting time to scroll back to top of the screen
  7. Single Page Applications– having the entire site in a single page helps user to save time on navigation and loading.
  8. Large Image Background – This trend has been taken from the photographer’s portfolio into the website designing, which has given creativity, good user experience and better eye coordination to the website.
  9. Content First – It is important to create the content first before the web design which will help to plan for the website and doing it later will lead to a bad website design.

Having these as the principles while developing a website will help to increase the visitors of the site as well as the frequency of visits. Also it has other advantages of improving the response time and network usage indirectly reducing the maintenance cost of the website.