VMware confirms hackers stole source code

VMware confirms hackers stole source code

Few days back a hacker calling himself “Hardcore Charlie” has posted a portion of source code and claimed it to be the part of VMware ESX source code.

After many rumors, now VMware has confirmed that the source code posted by the hacker is the part of code from its ESX Hypervisor product.

Company also posted in the blog and said that a single file from the VMware ESX source code had been posted publicly.

“The fact that the source code may have been publicly shared does not necessarily mean that there is any increased risk to VMware customers.

VMware proactively shares its source code and interfaces with other industry participants to enable the broad virtualization ecosystem today,” Iain Mulholland, Director, VMware Security Response Center posted.

“We take customer security seriously and have engaged internal and external resources, including our VMware Security Response Center, to thoroughly investigate. We will continue to provide updates to the VMware community if and when additional information is available,” it added.

He also noted that the file posted online is the part of code dated from 2003/2004. It also said that some files be posted in the future.

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