USB stick-sized computer runs web, email, costs $25

Renowned U.K. game developer [David Braben]( set his game programming aside for a short while to create an amazingly affordable personal computer that he hopes will prompt an overhaul of computer education programs.
The mini PC, called the Raspberry Pi, is no bigger than a standard USB memory stick, and runs a version of [Linux](, an open-source operating system.
The diminutive device has a single USB input for a keyboard or mouse (or a USB hub to expand those options), HDMI monitor output, 128MB of memory, and an SD card slot for storage. The pint-sized PC is capable of web browsing, word processing, email, and many other standard computer features. None of this would be particularly impressive, if not for the fact that the device costs just $25.

Braben plans to introduce his creation to school systems throughout the U.K. in hopes of overhauling what he sees as a computer education program in need of a refresh. He is currently in the processes of refining the Raspberry Pi prototype in anticipation of getting it manufactured on a larger scale, and projects that the tiny device will be formally introduced within 12 months.