Test your Hacking Skills

Hey guys! This is Harry on Time to Hack. I have found some competitions where you can test your Hacking Skills and win prizes on success. You can participate in following Hacking Competitions:
  • Hackhunt 2011: This competition is brought to you by Appin, a leading IT Security and Ethical Hacking Company with products, services and training programs to secure people’s lives.The competition will be conducted in 2 phases. The 1st round will be online quiz to check your Hacker IQ out of which 2% of the participants will go to final round will take place on February 20th, 2011 across all major appin technology lab offices worldwide.
  • Level 1 – Knowledge Check
    All the participants will be answering a quiz and based on the score top 2% will be shortlisted to final round… more.
  • Level 2 – Final Round
    Will be an interesting one but it’s a surprise.

More Details :
Contact Number:- +91-9811541087
E-Mail :[email protected]

Website :- http://www.hackerscouncil.org

- Pwn2Own 2011: This 5th annual event has been announced bt Zero Day Initiative at HP Tipping Point. This competition will focus on two main technologies: web browsers and mobile devices. If you are interested in competing please send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Name
  • Intended Target
  • Any requirements you may need (network connection, static IP addresses, …)

Pre-registration will close in 2 weeks on the 15th of February at which point a random drawing will occur to determine the order in which competitors can make their attempt. Each contestant will have a 30-minute time slot in which to complete their attempt (not counting time to set up possible network or device pre-requisites). 

  • Target: Web Browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Apple Safari

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Google Chrome

  • Target: Mobile Phones

  • Dell Venue Pro running Windows 7

  • iPhone 4 running iOS

  • Blackberry Torch 9800 running Blackberry 6 OS

  • Nexus S running Android

More Details :

More over you can search and find new competitions on Hacking and tell us about that competitions.