Split large files or Software by WinRAR

Split Large files or softwares by WINRAR

We can split large files or softwares etc. into multiple files and exract them further in another location in cases where we want to copy large files compared to the destination drive then we can use winrar to break the files to transport it to another location. If you want to send an attachment of an executable file then the mail servers will not allow you.

Then we can use winrar to do so and make our work done!

Here is the method:

  1. Right click the file which you want to send or split.

  2. Then click “Add to archive…”.

  3. A new dialog box will open.

  4. There in the left bottom side you can see”Split to volumes, bytes”.

  5. In that drop box you can select the size to split. Or you can enter custom size e.g. if you want to split a file of size 5 megabytea to five parts of 1 megabyte then enter “1 mb” in the drop box.

Remember to enter in lowecase otherwise if its Uppercase it create the splitted file of 1,000,000 bytes i.e. 976 kilobyte not 1 megabyte i.e. 1024 kilobyte.

And if you want to send an executable file through mail then either rename the executable file to change the extensions other than .exe and then add to the archive and send it to the mail but inform the receipent to rechange the extension of file to .exe or you can first add the file to archive and then change the extension of generated file other than .rar and tell the receipent to rechange the extension of file to .rar.

To get winrar click on following links:

32bit: http://www.rarlab.com/rar/wrar390.exe

64bit: http://www.rarlab.com/rar/winrar-x64-390.exe

To read more about WinRAR go to http://www.win-rar.com/rarproducts.html

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