Sooner Gmail will let you Send and Receive Email via SMS

Google has now planned for a new breakthrough in its email service i.e. Gmail. According to Google the gmail users will now be able to send and receive the emails by the help of SMSes.

The main aim of Google to put this service feature is to attract more number of users who are not having internet services in their mobiles or their network does not provide mobile internet services and to overcome the need of high speed constant internet connectivity. However Google has provided the web search with the help of SMSes but that feature was not able to fulfil its cause completely.

This service will currently be available in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya only but is likely to be launched in other regions later.

About the service, a post on Google Africa’s blog said, “Gmail SMS automatically forwards your emails as SMS text messages to your phone and you can respond by replying directly to the SMS.”

The post said that users can control the emails through commands like More, Pause and Resume. Moreover, they can create new mails via SMS and send the same to any email address. This email will be automatically placed in the correct conversation thread.

Gmail users in the three African countries only require a feature phone with basic voice and SMS features in order to make full use of this service. Users can activate this service by modifying the settings in their Gmail accounts and registering their phone numbers with Google.