Sony Online Entertainment loses account details of 24.6 million customers

If you thought a massive data breach of the PlayStation Network was as bad as news could get for Sony, think again. This morning’s shutdown of Sony Online Entertainment,
the company’s MMO network, has brought even more bad news. Sony now confirms that information from approximately 24.6 million (yes, million) customer accounts was compromised, including 12,700 credit card numbers. The leak is directly linked to the attack that brought down the PSN, and widens its scope significantly.
The credit card information was linked to European and Japanese accounts, with no U.S. card info confirmed to have been stolen. However, the 24.6 million SOE customer accounts covers the entire globe. Information obtained by this breach includes names, addresses, birthdays, phone numbers, usernames, and passwords.
Along with notification of the breach, Sony outlined part of their compensation plan for those affected. MMO subscribers will receive 30 additional days added to their subscriptions, and an additional day for each day the network is down. The company also plans of offering assistance to anyone who wishes to enroll in identity protection monitoring, but has not revealed the details on how that program will work. For now, anyone affected by this new development should start protecting their identities by following the same links we outlined in our original guide to protecting yourself from the PlayStation Network debacle.