Some Major Drawbacks of iOS 6

bugs and drawbacks of iOS 6

The launch of the iOS 6 had been one of the most awaited news of the year. There are multiple app updates available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod and all other Apple devices. However, with the new updates rolled out, it seems there are major drawbacks with the new iOS 6.

Based on the survey report about 15% of iOS users have upgraded their systems within the initial 24 hours of iOS 6 release. It seems the figures have doubled and are still rising. The new Apple iOS 6 provides 200 new features, with some enhanced and useful ones.

Even with all these popularity and enhanced features, it seems there are some major drawbacks in the iOS 6. These flaws are definitely pulling down the user demand for the OS and most users are regretting this new upgrade.

Some of the major drawbacks of iOS 6 are-

  • iOS 6 Maps- Most users thank for enabling the Google maps back in the iOS as the iOS 6 Maps almost got users stranded. The problem with iOS 6 Maps were known from the time of its launch. Even though Apple has confirmed on working hard to fix this issue and improvising on the map qualities, the users are still awaiting results. The Google Maps compared to the Apple have stable customers and standardized maps, which in itself is a tough competition for Apple.
  • App Store design- By changing the interface of the App Store design, Apple has brought a new looks to its App store. Well and it seems most of the users are   not happy about the change in the interface. Even though the purpose of design change was to attract its customers the initial reviews of the design and interface is not appreciated by users.
  • Passbook – One of the most talked and enhanced feature in the iOS 6 platform is the Passbook. This app allows the users to store various tickets and discount vouchers. With the recent iOS update, it seems the Passbook feature has lot of issues. It seems the current Passbook has apps available for a limited number of airlines. The unavailability of apps in Passbook has definitely let down the users with the new iOS 6 update.
  • Upgrading the iOS issues- The updates currently available for various apps are time consuming during the specific update sessions. These upgrades are taking up a lot of battery life of the device.  With the updates happening, the device needs good charge to have a proper battery life span.
  • YouTube app availability- The Apple Inc. has plans to come up with its own application instead of YouTube for the entertainment of users. By removing the default options like Google Maps and YouTube from the Apple iOS, has definitely raised some concerns.

This is a guest post by Michael. Michael is a copywriter with Zco Corporation, Offering services for iPhone and iPad app development.