Skype, Facebook partnership to compete Google Voice

Skype & Facebook are partnering, integrating voice & video chat capabilities of Skype with Facebook to compete with Google's Voice VoIP calling in Gmail

Bangalore: Internet telephony leader Skype and social networking site Facebook are partnering with each other, integrating the voice and video chat capabilities of Skype with Facebook. The alliance of the two companies would pose a threat to Google, which recently integrated Google Voice VoIP calling into Gmail, reports Noemi Cariaso-Mora of

Recently launched Google Voice is going to face tough competition from Internet telephony leader Skype and social networking site Facebook, as they are announcing an integration in their services, reports Noemi Cariaso-Mora of

Google Voice is a service that Google introduced for Gmail users to make voice calls to people on their list without logging off their site. On the other hand, in the Facebook-Skype integration, Facebook users will be able to use their log in information to access Skype. Apart from that Skype will be having status updates and news feeds in Facebook.

This integration will boost membership for both companies whose combined registered users have reached 1 billion. Facebook can take advantage of Skype’s strong presence in the international scene while Skype services will easily be distributed to the 500 million Facebook users.As of press time, both camps are neither acknowledging nor denying such talks and refused to issue any official statements or comments.