Safe from Internet Threat

Hi Friends! Its Shashank, today’s post is on how to save yourself from Internet threats…! Generally, if you are visiting hacking forums or various forums or going for free software downloads, some of these free downloads are affected or are attached viruses and trojans for malicious purposes. So, if victim installs them on his computer, the malicious scripts get installed on computer causing various problems depending on script. So, what to do! The better way to remain safe from threats is to use these software inside a safe container so that if the threat goes on, it will not affect your system and you will be away from problems. So you can install such applications on your PC using Sandboxie.
Sandboxie will allow you to run your software, which you downloaded, in a sandbox (in a separate memory area) to check whether they’re what you were expecting or not. This can be great if you don’t trust a download or freeware or the location from which you are downloading or the case when you want to test any penetration tool on your computer.

So, here the download link of Sandboxie

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