Multi-display setup with Windows 7 or higher

A handy and useful guide to setup and use multiple displays on a single system running Windows 7 or higher.

Hello friends! I am here with a handy and useful setup guide of multiple displays on a single system. With the help of this guide you can setup two or more displays on a single system running windows 7 or higher.

As I stated above, this guide is for windows 7 or higher.

So the prerequisites for this guide are:

  1. System running Windows 7 or higher.
  2. There must at-least 2 VGA ports.

For this you guys can use your laptops, one display is its own display and the another display can be attached to the VGA port on laptop.

To start using multi-display system, follow the following steps

  1. Turn on both the displays.
  2. Connect both the displays to the system.
  3. Right click on the desktop and I then click on “Screen resolution”.
  4. Now you can see both screens as 1|2 on the upper part.

5.  Now select “Multiple Displays:” drop-down. There you can see multiple options.

6.  Select “Extend these displays” option. Now both the monitors are used as separate displays.

7.  On the upper part you can adjust the placement of additional display i.e if second display is placed in left to main display, drag the 2nd display and place it before main one.

8.  Now you can also change the display settings of both displays by selecting the displays in upper part.

9.  Now its done! You are using a multiple display setup.