Mozilla adopts two real Firefox Cubs

Firefox gets Real. Two red panda (a.k.a. firefox) cubs born at the Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee have officially become a part of the Mozilla community, the non-profit creator of one of the world’s largest browsers announced Friday.
Mozilla has set up a [microsite]( (and accompanying [Twitter handle]( where visitors can watch the firefoxes via a 24-hour live video cam. Mozilla is asking visitors to help name the two cubs (who currently go by “cub number one” and “cub number two”) by posting suggestions on the site. There are plans to reward the cubs with a jungle gym when Mozilla reaches its next target number for [Firefox 4]( downloads.
It’s all part of Mozilla’s efforts to raise awareness on behalf of the endangered species. “Just as Mozilla works to build and protect the open Web, we also support the preservation of key natural ecosystems,” the non-profit wrote on its [blog](
The way Mozilla has managed to draw attention to a cause by using one of the oldest viral tricks in the book — cute animals — in a way that’s completely in line with the name of its best-known product. **Source:** Mashable.