Categorized List of Linux distros

A handy and categorized list of Linux distros/distributions to help you choose a distribution according to your need

Categorized List of Linux distros

There was a time when I was a beginner! Then I heard of Linux. I googled it and found lot of distributions or distros available. I was surrounded with dilemma of choosing the correct distro for learning and use.

Now I am here with a handy & categorized list of Linux distros which will help you to choose according to your need and work. Moreover I will say that you can choose and work upon any Linux distribution once you are familiar with any one Linux environment.

All the distros differ in system utilities, utilities and small working.If you are unaware of Linux installation you can go through this brief guide to install RHEL on Oracle Virtual Box).

If you want to test some of the Linux without affecting your system, go through this (Run any OS on any OS) post.

So here is the list:

Live CD

The Live CD distros are useful to run the Linux system without installing it. It may help in case when there is no hard disk, system crashed or system access in lost. These type of distros can also be used with the help of USB instead of CD/DVD.


These distros include a collection of those utilities which are required by a normal user for home based usage like Music, Internet, Office etc with GUI.


These type of distros are used by the Information Security specialists for the security purpose. These are also used by hackers. These distros include all the security and hacking utilities. These distros are meant for advanced users.

You can check a more detailed list of Security related Linux distros here:

Enterprise Server

These distros are used for Server setups. The server can be of any kind like httpd, ftpd, dns, proxy etc. The server distro are less used with GUI and don’t have common functionality like Music, Office, Internet Browsing etc.

Utility Distro

The utility distro are miscellaneous and are used for specific purpose.

  • GParted : The edit the partitions of Hard Drives.
  • Ophcrack : To recover the lost Windows User Access i.e Passwords.
  • PING : Used to rescue the crashed system, backup and restore etc.
  • Trinity Rescue Kit : Its a rescue kit for the system.

More information can be obtained on their respective links.

You can also suggest your Favorite Distro along with its usability which you liked.


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