Fed up with Slow PC?

Hey Fellas! I am Harry once again here with a new interesting tweak of PC and Laptop users. Many times you have been fed up of slow boot and shutdown of PC and also with slow PC and this had also affecting your work performance. So here I am gonna share some tips to make the PC work faster and make responses in less time than usual one. Some tips require one time configuration and some of these require time to time reconfiguration or checks to ensure their proper working. Here are some the tricks:
- First thing is the start up of PC. There are many programs which are loaded at the Windows start-up and makes the Windows start-up slower. To solve this follow following steps:

  1. Type msconfig in Run (Win + R) window or on cmd prompt.
  2. Now go to **Startup **tab of newly opened window.
  3. Now on this tab you can see the list of programs which gets loaded on the startup uncheck all those are** not required** from the start but careful while unchecking antivirus and driver software.
  4. Now press **OK **and it will ask for restart and choose whatever you want.
  • Next thing is the slow responding of PC. For this you can try some of the following steps:
  1. Open the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc).
  2. Check the Processes tab.
  3. Now mark the processes which consume High amount of Memory and CPU.
  4. Try to run the software associated to these processes one at a time.
  5. And if needed to run them simultaneously then don’t switch between them very frequently as it may cause your system getting HANG!
  • Another way which very short and easy to do is to use any performance optimizing tool like TuneUp Utilities, Glary Utilities etc. My favorite one is TuneUp Utilities by which you can optimize your system and tweak your system in many ways. Some of its features that make it my favorite one are:
  • Disable Programs
  • Uninstall the Programs which are not in need
  • Disable the start up programs
  • Free Up the disk space used in Windows Updates, Cookies, Thumbnails etc.
  • Clean , Defragment or Edit the Registry
  • Accelerate system startup and shutdown
  • Many More…
Glary Utilities is also a good option as its basic version is a Freeware and its pro version is a 30 day fully functional trial version and some cool features.