Facebook sued for 'stealing' Timeline feature

Facebook has reportedly been sued by a Chinese technology firm that claims the social networking giant has stolen its Timeline feature.

Facebook recently made it mandatory for people to use Timeline, the new-look profile, which allows people to tell the story of their lives on a single page.

Cubic Network, a four year-old Chinese technology company, however, claimed the Timeline feature is their own, The Telegraph reports.

The network claimed they launched the same layout in 2008, which shows people’s activity in chronological order.

Xiong Wanli, the founder of Cubic Network, conducted a talk about the Timeline feature at Stanford University, which Facebook founder and alumni of the American university, Mark Zuckerberg, is believed to have attended.

Zuckerberg unveiled its ‘Timeline’ in 2011, some three years after Cubic Network showcased the feature.

The Chinese firm is now suing Facebook for potential patent infringement.