Email password hacking tricks only...

HI FRIENDS! Today post is on stealing the here i mentioning some ways to hack or steal the password of orkut,facebook etc. There is no ready made software that can hack emails and get you the password just with a click of a button. So if you come accross any website that claims to sell such softwares, should advise you not to trust like this websites..They are acting like cheaters..

Never trust any email hacking software that claims to hack any email for just some money . Most of them are no more than a scam.

1. Remote Keylogging
The easiest way to hack an email is by using a keylogger (Also known as spy software). A keylogger is a small program that monitors each and every keystroke that a user types on a specific computer’s keyboard. To use it you don’t need to have any special knowledge. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computer can use it.
There r so many key loggers on google general search…u can download it …

2. Phishing
Basicly phishing is way of sending a fake page to victim which resembles the original page and ask the victim to login with the provided modified page called as phisher. This the most popular method used by hackers to hack email account passwords like myspace, gmail, yahoo, orkut, facebook, etc.

How does it work:
You can download/make a replica of the website you want to phish and save is as HTML. When you’re done with that, you have to find a way to upload the HTML. You can use free hosting site or a website like Blogspot, Piczo, etc. When the victim enters his email and password on the login field, phishing site save those login details and they will be automatically sent to you by mail.

3. Social engineering
This sounds to be pretty not working at beginning. Even I was neglecting this way. But, once, I thought of using it against my friend on orkut and i got his gmail password very easily by this method. I think many of you might be knowing how what this social engg is. For newbies, social engg is method of retrieving password or answer of security question simply be quering with the victim. You have to be very careful while using this as victim must not be aware of your intention. Just ask him cautiously using your logic.

For learning above tricks, you can also take the help of youtube by just seeing seeing the video hack



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