Create your own Character or Font in Windows

Hello Friends!!!

Many times you have experienced that the font which you are using is not that much attractive and also
it is very common in other people like the use of Ariel, Verdana and etc. in windows. And to find a new font which suits your interest is very difficult. And if by luck you get some
attractive font which is easy to use
and has very stylish looks according to your need then
there will be some restrictions like to buy them or
you have noticed some Bugs in the font and
you can’t continue with that font or you will not be able to find
any specific character of your or any other language.

So, for the solution of this problem,
today I am going to explain you that how you can create your own character or font in Windows and use it in the
document writer
like Notepad, Word art, Power Point etc.

So now coming to the point, lets start.

To start open the Run window from start menu or by
pressing “Windows+R” button. And type “eudcedit” in the Run
text box and then press enter.

This utility is already bundled in Windows and is called as
”Private Character Editor”.

Now a window of PCE (Private Character Editor) will open if it is
Windows XP and it will ask for confirmation if it is
Windows Vista or Windows Seven, then click yes to confirm
and the PCE will be opened.

Here you can open existing font’s character or you can also create your own character of font
and then embed the new character in existing
font or create new font for that new character.