Create a Website in 5 Steps

We all visit lots of sites everyday. These may be social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut etc., shopping sites like ebay, Amazon etc., Job Seeking sites, Technology sites, Programming sites, Software sites etc. etc. This list is very long if we go for the counting. There are also many blogs and forums. We people even don’t remember their names, we simply visit the site search the content and done and it any site is found interesting we remember their names.

But have you ever though, How these sites are being made? or How these sites work? Today’s post is all about creating a website in easy steps with WordPress CMS even if you don’t have fund to invest.

You will need a Domain name, Hosting account with MySQL database, WordPress files and a creative idea. WordPress files are optional but remaining three are must. So the work starts:

Step 0: First you will need have a creative idea for the topic of site. Like you can go for tech site or blog, or you can go for programming site or social fun site or anything else which you want to have.

Step 1: Now you need to have a Hosting Account. You can buy the hosting account or you can work with free one. You can find many hosting sites which provide free hosting but you will need to see which type of hosting you need like hosting for php, asp or any other type. For WordPress you will need hosting account with php support and MySQL databases. You can get one from 5gigs or x10Hosting. And after registration note the name servers provided by the hosting providers. For above two the name servers are


Step 2: Now you will need a domain name like {Oops thats an example; you can not get the domain name} You can get the domain name according to you site idea. You can go for free domain name or you can buy one. If want to have .com, .net or any top level domain name then you have to surely buy one for you. But the domain names which are not top level you can also get for free. You can register at following sites to get the free domain names-

The above listed sites are having their own Terms and Conditions. So choose that one which suits best to you and register a sweet and short domain which completely signifies your idea of site.

Step 3: Now after registering the domain name, go to settings of the domain name and add the name server to the domain name.

So that when the domain gets called by http request, the request goes to the DNS server which keeps the record of IP addresses of websites, the DNS contacts the domain name registrant company which provides the name server of hosting.

Then DNS redirects that request to the web hosting server by the help of name servers. Now the name server keeps the index of index of site hosted at their server and if site is found on that server, it fetches that site to the request.

And also go to your hosting account and add the domain name in Add on Domain category and now create a MySQL database on your hosting account and not down the MySQL host, MySQL user name and password as we are going to setup our WordPress site so it is needed.

Step 4: Now login to hosting account and upload all the WordPress files to your hosting account. When you are going to upload the files if you find “htdocs” folder inside your site folder then upload all files inside htdocs folder and if not upload all files directly to website folder.

When the upload gets completed, open up your site by its domain name. It should say that config file missing, click to create one. When you click on button you will have to provide the info like MySQL host address, MySQL username and password, database name which you created in earlier step and the table prefix.

Fill all details and leave the table prefix box as it is and press next. Then you will have to give the details like site title, create admin password and admin email address. Fill all details and after completing it will move you to the admin page of your site and now done!

So friends create your sites with your creative idea and ask me if you find any problem and please give the link of your site in comments if you have gone through above steps to create your site!