Anonymous exposes data from neo-Nazi hunt on new ‘Nazi-Leaks’ site

Anonymous hacktivists continue to wage war on neo-Nazi, creating WikiLeaks based ‘Nazi-Leaks’ portal to expose data from the hunt.

Anonymous hacktivists in Germany have renewed their assault against neo-Nazis in the new year. The effort, which began early last year, was dubbed “Operation Blitzkrieg,” or #OpBlitzkrieg. Anonymous’ crusade against bigotry and hatred has mainly taken the form of a WikiLeaks-esque website which exposes information about alleged neo-Nazis.

The website is called, and contains a number of names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of people who have donated to Germany’s extreme-right National Democratic Party (NDP), shopped at far-right websites like Thor Steiner or who written for the Junge Freiheit (Boys Freedom) newspaper. The Anonymous group has also been busy over the past weeks disabling a number of websites which have been associated with the NDP.

The list of neo-Nazis isn’t relegated to Germany either. Apparently there are names and data on bigots from many countries, including the UK, Canada, Italy and Brazil according to msnbc. Our very own ‘merica is on the site as well, with a member list from extremists groups like the Ohio White Pride, Imperial Klans of America, Blood and Honour and the American Nazi Party.

Deutsche Welle points out that the attacks are not being received well in Germany, a country that is fiercely protective of its privacy if you remember the Facebook data controversy. Apparently critics have a problem with the “misuse of anonymity” and the fact that the Anonymous attacks are violating civil liberties, though the victims may be bigots. Deutsche Welle interviewed Simone Rafael from an anti-Nazi from who said it was “good to remove the [Nazi] filth from the Net for the few days,” however, Rafael criticized the tactic of publishing personal data without permission.

The Nazi Leaks website has even drawn criticism from fellow Hamburg-based Anonymous members who believe that the Nazi problem should instead be dealt with “ridicule and education,” rather than destroying reputations. Along with its Nazi crusade, Anonymous waged war against ‘darknet’ hidden pedophiles in October.