Ankit Fadia's website Hacked By Teamgreyhat (TGH)

Calling himself an Ethical Hacker;  Ankit Fadia is under cyber attack. A Hacktivist group, called **Teamgreyhat,** has officially declared operation against Ankit Fadia. According to [official press release]( TGH said **#target Ankitfadia Engaged**.
In this attack they have successfully hacked into the Ankit Fadia’s offcial site and exposed lots of credentials including sensitive data, student details, DB credentials (DB Name, User Name & Password)** **and many more. 
Here Are Some Screen shots Submitted By TeamGrayHat :- 

Those screen shots are clearing showing that TGH have their access on that particular web server & the database. To download the hacked credentials click here (Password is “teamgreyhat“). Also TGH has exposed the database information & shell link. For more information and to see the TGH official release click Here

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