Ankit Fadia's website Hacked By Teamgreyhat (TGH)

Calling himself an Ethical Hacker;  Ankit Fadia is under cyberattack. A Hacktivist group, called Teamgreyhat, has officially declared operation against Ankit Fadia. According to official press release TGH said #target Ankitfadia Engaged.

In this attack they have successfully hacked into the Ankit Fadia’s official site and exposed lots of credentials including sensitive data, student details, DB credentials (DB Name, Username & Password) and many more.
Here Are Some Screen shots Submitted By TeamGrayHat :-

Those screenshots are clearing showing that TGH have their access on that particular web server & the database. To download the hacked credentials click here (Password is "teamgreyhat").

Also, TGH has exposed the database information & shell link. For more information and to see the TGH official release click Here