10 ways to protect Social Profiles from Hackers

Some ways to protect your social profiles from Hackers called Black Hats or Crackers in a digitally open and social world

10 ways to protect Social Profiles from Hackers

Protect Social Profiles from Hackers

Hackers; word itself defines a different class of computer users who are famous for some of their good and some of their bad acts and myths.

So today we are gonna take a look at some ways to stay protected from bad Hackers called Black Hats or Crackers in a digitally open and social world.

First we gonna talk about the ways in which Hackers can hack or affect your Social Profiles  Broadly I see following as major types:

Password Theft

This type of attacks can be achieved by the Social Engineering, Phishing and advanced phishing etc. Some sort of temporary attack can be achieved by Session Hijacking also. By this type of attack the victim’s account gets completely compromised and it may happen that you will loose all type of access to account.

Posting as you

In this type of attack an attacker can post on your public profile as yourself without gaining full access to the profile.

Impersonating you

This is another hack where attacker will make profile by your name and will ask your friends to report your original profile because its hacked.

These are the possible attacks that are possible on the social networks. There can be many more but these are to be taken seriously for a normal user.

Now here comes the ways in which you can protect your social profiles from such attacks:

  1. First of all Passwords; passwords are very crucial thing to take care of. So choose a good password. At least 10 characters in length. And make it combination of special symbols, spaces, numbers, small and upper caps characters etc.
  2. Just check the app and permissions and info about app publisher using it. Coz on social networks when you use apps and games; the request the certain access to your profile to post updates. So before allowing just check. Some these apps can post some unwanted or questionable content on your profile page.
  3. Third is staying aware of the phishing. Make sure you can see the actual URL and Certificate of Social Network on address bar before logging in.
  4. Never keep all the passwords same. If you get hacked or by chance you loose your password; the recovery emails will help you.
  5. Just limit the access to your public profile coz that may lead to socially engineered password theft. Like you have added your mobile phone no. on social profile and is publicly accessible; there are many people are used to keep their mobile phone no. or similar patters for passwords.
  6. Just prevent yourself from accessing Social Profiles, Emails, Bank Accounts at public place systems or at open networks.
  7. Activate double authentications and login notifications if provided by the Social Network coz that will prevent you from trouble.
  8. Stay alert in the networks where social networking sites are forbidden coz at these places attacker install the phishing pages and Hardware or Software Key-loggers to collect user login credentials.
  9. Use the private browsing feature of Browser when not browsing from home.
  10. Keep the least possible private information on your Social Profile.

These are the ways to stay safe on Internet. Not confined to above ways; Social Security is a side by side process to take care of.

That’s it for now! Let me know your feedback by leave comments below.

And one more thing; if you find some tips for this topic share them in comments.