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Firebase Manual User Registration in Web API

User registrations have been good but what if you wanna add users manually? Today we are going to see firebase manual user registration in its web API and restricting pages on the basis of logged-in state. This method requires the Email-Password (Simple login) to be enabled in your firebase authentication configuration. And user can be … Continue reading Firebase Manual User Registration in Web API

Auth Schemes in Google Firebase

Recently Google announced the new makeover of Firebase, Google Firebase; and there are changes in the way to approach the things in Google Firebase. With this new release there are lot of new features introduced to Firebase which are listed here: https://firebase.google.com/features/. But today we are going to cover the Auth Schemes in Google Firebase. This post is … Continue reading Auth Schemes in Google Firebase

ToDo app with ReactJS

In Last article we covered a basic intro to ReactJS and its jargon. Along with that we saw a basic component that was interacting with input element. This week we will see ReactJS complex component structure. A Todo app with ReactJS and Bootstrap CSS will walk you through the multi-component app. This will also set … Continue reading ToDo app with ReactJS

Intro to ReactJS

React is a new JavaScript Library to efficiently write the User Interface. It is also considered V in MVC architecture. React introduces JSX; a new way to write HTML in JS. With the help of Virtual DOM, it reduces the DOM access and Manipulation frequency efficiently. This ends up with really simple and highly efficient … Continue reading Intro to ReactJS