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Single Page Applications with Routing in AngularJS

AngularJS is quite much in talks; reason being the ability to build the Single Page Applications with Routing. SPAs or Single Page Applications are the advancement in the web development which exploits the AJAX to its maximum extent. SPAs give a feeling of working on any Local Application; and these because of these SPAs, Hybrid […]

The most sophisticated Android Trojan Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a

All the android users are warned of this most sophisticated Trojan program of Android. This Trojan app is named as Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a . And Roman Unuchek; Kaspersky Lab Expert has explained how this Trojan works and how much this Trojan is harmful. According to his blogpost on Securelist; here are the details.

NASDAQ hacked in 10 minutes by Top cyber-security expert

NASDAQ hacked in 10 minutes by a top cybersecurity expert.  Expert has revealed that the stock exchange’s security is so poor that it took him a mere 10 minutes to hack their systems. Ilia Kolochenko, head of Swiss information security company High-Tech Bridge, said that despite his repeated warnings, the exchange has done nothing to fix the […]

Chrome bug reveals your passwords

A security bug has been discovered in Google Chrome browser that allows the software to automatically display users’ saved passwords while importing bookmarks from other browser. According to ABC News, the web designer, Elliott Kember discovered the flaw while importing his bookmarks from Safari browser to Chrome and found that while there is a check mark to […]

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