Basic guide to create off-canvas navigation menu

Hello friends! Today I am here with a guide to build off-canvas navigation menus for your website. Off canvas menus are handy UI elements if navigation items are fixed in count. It can also be used in the other case of varying navigation items but from the User Experience perspective; it seems a bit confusing […]

Resize Iframes seamlessly

Recently I came across a very interesting solution to resize iframes seamlessly in the page. Iframes can be on same domain or cross domain. Its iframe-resizer maintained by David J. Bradshaw.

Internet Explorer CSS Limits and Workarounds

When it comes to making the Webpages Cross browser compatible; all of the Front Developers’ pain comes up with Internet Explorer(IE) 7 and 8.

Intro to Parse in web apps with JavaScript

Hi All! Today we are going to cover some of the basics to use Parse Cloud data service in the web application with JavaScript. is a Backend as a Service solution providing data services and SDKs for various platforms and in addition to that it provides many additional services like Push Notifications, Analytics, Social […]

Twitter Bootstrap 4 alpha: what’s new?

Bootstrap, a framework which every Front End Developer knows about. It has become a new requirement in various organizations for Front End Development positions. And why not; it has many things to offer both Developers and Organizations. But now as @twbs team has announced the Twitter Bootstrap 4 alpha, there are many things that can […]

Single Page Applications with Routing in AngularJS

AngularJS is quite much in talks; reason being the ability to build the Single Page Applications with Routing. SPAs or Single Page Applications are the advancement in the web development which exploits the AJAX to its maximum extent. SPAs give a feeling of working on any Local Application; and these because of these SPAs, Hybrid […]

Simple Login in Firebase Web API

The Internet has become a new World now. And its also dicey in itself in terms of its usage, it has its own faces. To maintain integrity, Authentication and Authorization is the answer. We all know about how to’s of these in Web Apps. Today we will see basic authentication i.e. Simple Login in Firebase. […]

Intro to Firebase with JavaScript and jQuery

Hey! How are you all? It had been a while since last post. Today we will go through an intro to the Firebase with JavaScript and jQuery. Here we will cover Firebase and its working with basic JavaScript and jQuery. And in the meanwhile we will create a basic contact store app using these.