Youtube Tricks which results in Youtube Hacked

youtube hacked
Youtube Tricks which results in Youtube Hacked.

Article heading is just for some new bees which eager to learn hacking. Here we are giving some latest tricks which work perfectly on youtube. And yaa after applying these trick you can say you did youtube hacked.

So here are some tricks:

  • Watch Videos blocked in your country : URL trick

If the URL of the video that is blocked in your country is{video-id}, you can access it by going to{video-id}. As an additional advantage, you will be able to view the video at the full size of your browser window.

  • Watch Adult content

youtube hacked
Want to check out some spicy video on you tube. No more need to login and risk your job just add **nsfw **in front of you tube and play the video without logging into your account.

  • YouTube Disco

YouTube is all set to replace your music players with YouTube Disco. This music discovery project allows you to find the videos of your choice, create a list of them and then easily watch them without having the need to choose a new video after the one you are watching is finished.

  • Search particular playlist or Channel

If you are looking for a specific channel then just add a word channel or partners separated by comma in the end .


The key of awesome, channel    OR

The key of awesome, partners

  • YouTube Editor

Do you edit your videos before uploading them to YouTube? Now, you don’t need to because it lets you to do all of that online with YouTube Editor; well not all of that but it at least lets you combine, trim and rotate videos.

  • Result Search in HD only

Most of the YouTube are uploaded in HD , if you like to watch video only in high quality then add the HD keyword in the end of your search term separated by comma.

Eg : the dark knight rises, hd

  • YouTube Live

YouTube Live lets you find all live broadcasts available. You can also see a list of videos that are scheduled to be broadcasted at a later date.

  • Start video from Specific time

If you have already watch some part of video then why watch it again, (#t=XXmYYs for XX mins and YY seconds) like if you want to watch a video from 2min 23 sec paste **#t=1m53s **at the end of url(after the 11 character video id) to start a video from a specific time.

Eg :****#t=1m53s****

  • YouTube Feather Beta

Love browsing videos but are on a terribly slow connection? Feather, the new experimental feature to allow users on slow connections enjoy YouTube might help you. It achieves this by serving the lowest amount of data to a user. Naturally, this means removal of several features that don’t add much value.

You tube keybord shortcuts

  • To pause the video you can either click on the video or press spacebar.
  • Use the right key to forward and left to go back.
  • Home button will take you to the starting and end button toward the end
  • Enable this option form here sharing

Author Byline Shashank Jain (Crazylearner)

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