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? JAMStack: Showing Top GitHub Repos with Netlify Functions
APIs are important element of JAMStack. Let’s build an API to show GitHub repos with Netlify Functions & integrate it in React+Tailwind UI with React Query
? Why I chose Splitbee as replacement of Google Analytics
Google Analytics has its pros & cons. With its concerns, I found Splitbee as GA replacement. It even replaces Google Optimize. Checkout all the reasons.
? Submitting Form to different Actions in HTML5 - Time to Hack
Forms in HTML5 will allow you to submit data to different URLs without extra code. We can utilize Browser’s APIs to get more things done with less code.
? Building Fast Forms in React with HTML5 & Validations - Time to Hack
While making WebApps, Forms are required all the time and always need some fine tuning. Let’s see how to Build Fast Forms in React with HTML5 & Validations
? 5 Tips for Component Driven Development - Time to Hack
Component-driven Development has taken the FrontEnd Development by storm. Here are some tips to help you with any Component Driven Development.

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