Ubuntu for Smartphones; A new initiative from 'Canonical'

Ubuntu Logo
Yes; you heard it correct; Ubuntu for Smartphones.

First of all Hello everyone and Welcome. Today I’m gonna share my views about Ubuntu for Smartphones.

Canonical has taken a new initiative to bring the Ubuntu to Smartphones to make them work like PC. As the today’s Smartphones are capable enough to work like PC and they are having the hardware comparable to PC itself.

From this video you can imagine the Goals and upcoming popularity that it would gain in the Smarphone Market. 

Ubuntu for Smartphone

Though Ubuntu for Android had been released last year to let the users interface their Android phone  without accessing it from Ubuntu on PC.

Canonical LogoCanonical Logo

Ubuntu for Smartphones: Home DesineUbuntu for Smartphones: Home Desine

And also Canonical has made it very clear that the Smartphone’s Ubuntu won’t be running the Android Apps as both the platforms have entirely different environment from each other though both of them gonna work on the core Linux Kernel.

Ubuntu for Samrtphones: Industry DesignUbuntu for Samrtphones: Industry Design

Canonical has also made it very clear from beginning that it would take care of the Versioning of OS to avoid the Fragmentation problem faced by the Android OS as the development for core devices was handled by the Device Manufacturer.

And yes Its appearing the CES; the CES show from 8th to 11th January 2013 . So don’t forget to take sight of amazing Linux for phone at the CES.

So share your views about this in comments.