Forget Keyboard; Here are the Voice Controlled Browsers

Voice Controlled Browser
Yeah! Thats right. I am talking about controlling the browser by voice. And No; you would not need to install any other browser for that. Your veru own Chrome will do that.

According to the latest post from Chrome Blog; the Chrome 25 beta is rolling out and it would be having feature to browse and control it by the Voice with the help of Web Speech API. You can check the demo of Web Speech API over here. But it took half an hour to make it write the following content for me.

[Web Speech API DemonstrationWeb Speech API Demonstration

And if it gets successful; then surely it will become a major upgrade. And Yes; it will also set other Browser vendors like Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari etc; on FIRE as any feature upgrade in the competition need the self product to launch something similar OR better OR superior different feature.

And obviously you might have seen many of the Google Chrome derivatives like Rockmelt, Comodo Dragon and many others. If Chrome gets updated; there is a hope that these derivatives will also update their Core according to latest Chrome update to provide these features to their users.

It may be the time when the Science Fiction of Talking Computers shown in Movies like Iron Man Series; will come true.

The similar technology appeared with iPhone’s Siri. The technology in iPhone provides responsive results to the user’s query received as a Voice input.