All of you have have heard of SIM; yes the Mobile SIM card. And you might have also heard of micro-SIM; yes the micro-SIM cards introduced with Apple iPhone 4 in 2010. Now its nano-SIM. []()On 1st June ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) approved the [specifications of the new standard](http://www.etsi.org/WebSite/NewsandEvents/2012_06_New_SIM_Card_Format.aspx) of the SIM card called the Fourth Form Factor (4FF) or nano-SIM card. The new format of SIM card will be 40% smaller than that of current smallest SIM card design. It will be 12.3mm wide, 8.8mm high and 0.67mm thick. Basically the SIM is used to associate the user/customer account with mobile device. The new form factor will be backward compatible in terms of packaging and distribution. It will have same functionality as of the currently used SIM card. The