The 1st device with Google TV, priced at $300

Logitech is finally unveils its new Logitech Revue, featuring Google TV setup box, that needs to be connected with HDTV for shared TV and web experience. This Google TV product Logitech Revue is priced at $300 (RS. 13,250) which is three times more than the current age band Apple TV priced at $100 (Rs. 4,420).
Logitech International SA is a manufacturer of computer mice, web cams and other peripherals. Google TV is planning to get over with traditional TV programming combined with web connect and bring the most recent programmers like Time Warner, TBS, TNT, CNN and HBO. They are also aiming on providing video services operated by and Netflix.
This Revue box will also include Keyboard controller with directional and touch pad, one infrared booster and HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Cable) cable. Not only Revue, Logitech also has promoted Logitech Harmony Application for Apple’s IOS and Google Android Platforms, Logitech TV cam and Logitech Mini Controller.Logitech is looking forward to sale their new device bu the end of this month. 
These above mentioned products are only available in U.S. and will take ages to finally reach Indian markets.The future of both these products, which is going to be major factor, will be decided by the cost along with the available facilities multimedia services.