Be Careful of FALSE Windows 8

[![](]( Friends! Its Shashank.
Today’s post is on latest rumor of the release of Window 8 but actually may be window 8 will be releasing in year 2012.
Due to news that the **[*Windows 8*]( "ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WINDOWS 8")** will be the next **OS** from Microsoft Corporation, many spammers have started to be disseminated offering **Download Windows 8, **links to the alleged **Download Windows** ****are actually links to fake pages, these alleged sites download **OS** actually install malicious content on the PC, Trojans, viruses, Malwares and so on.IF U SEE COMPLETE WINDOWS 8 DOWNLOAD ON ANY WEBSITE BEFORE 2012, THAT IS PROBABLY A VIRUS!!!! BE CAREFULL GUYS!!!!!!