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How to change/Spoof MAC address on Windows

How to change/Spoof MAC address on Windows

MAC Address (Media Access Control) is the unique Code/Name given to your LAN card that differentiate your computer from any other computer on the internet.

MAC address sometime also called as Ethernet Hardware Address.

And operating system provide allow us to change this address that’s why we are able to change our mac address.

Though one thing to keep in mind is that mac address can not overwritten, it can only be spoofed.

Now the steps to spoof your MAC Address are:

  1. Open Network connections from Control Panel.
  2. right click the connection (of which you want to change mac address).
  3. Click Property.
  4. Now the window will appear as shown below in here click configure…
  5. Now a window will appear in here click Advanced Tab.
  6. In here in Property click Network address.
  7. Now in the combo box that appear write the mac address that you want to spoof.
  8. Your mac address now is been spoofed.