Free Download with Airtel Live!

Free Download with Airtel Live!As in my earlier [post]( you have seen thathow to surf Internet free of cost onyour S60 or SE(Sony Ericsson) mobile.But now in this trick I am going to tell you thathow to download content free of costfrom internet.To download the content free from internetyou have to run internet continuouslyfor at least four hours through UCWEB browseri.e. the connection must remain active for at least four hoursand nowyou can download the content from internet.If it is a S60 phone you can minimize the UCWEB browserand download the content through Opera butremember that the Opera should also connect through same access pointwhich is used by UCWEB to connect.And if it is a SE phone then you can continue UCWEB todownload the content from Internet.Now enjoy the free download through Airtel Live!Note: I will not be responsible for any balance deduction if occurs. Please try at your own risk.