5 thoughts on “Born Hackers Club-Optimized

    Rohit says:

    sir i want to be a hacker. but i dont know what should i do.
    plssss help me!!!!!

    Pankaj Patel says:

    To know how to hack; you need to know how things work; what are their capabilities and weakness and how take benefit from that weakness.

    So start thinking and learning about the working of things. Then as you are comfortable; try to use the potential tools available on internet to perform some practices and then keep on doing so….!

    Pankaj Patel says:

    First thing that I would suggest to learn hacking is to analyse the things and know how they are working.

    For example if you take OS or Networks; just analyse the basic working of these and then you will get to know that How these things can be compromised.

    I would like to learn hacking

    Narendra says:

    want to become a hacker

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