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ToDo app with ReactJS

In Last article we covered a basic intro to ReactJS and its jargon. Along with that we saw a basic component that was interacting with input element. This week we will see ReactJS complex component structure. A Todo app with ReactJS and Bootstrap CSS will walk you through the multi-component app. This will also set … Continue reading ToDo app with ReactJS

Intro to ReactJS

React is a new JavaScript Library to efficiently write the User Interface. It is also considered V in MVC architecture. React introduces JSX; a new way to write HTML in JS. With the help of Virtual DOM, it reduces the DOM access and Manipulation frequency efficiently. This ends up with really simple and highly efficient … Continue reading Intro to ReactJS

UI-Bootstrap: Bootstrap with AngularJS

Bootstrap; very well-known for enabling us to rapidly prototype our user interfaces, and AngularJS; a heroic JavaScript framework which made us fall in love with JavaScript again. But wait, how about using both of them together? Front end development is all about HTML, CSS and JavaScript if we talk about its core. So we are … Continue reading UI-Bootstrap: Bootstrap with AngularJS

Intro to Parse in web apps with JavaScript

Hi All! Today we are going to cover some of the basics to use Parse Cloud data service in the web application with JavaScript. is a Backend as a Service solution providing data services and SDKs for various platforms and in addition to that it provides many additional services like Push Notifications, Analytics, Social … Continue reading Intro to Parse in web apps with JavaScript

Twitter Bootstrap 4 alpha: what’s new?

Bootstrap, a framework which every Front End Developer knows about. It has become a new requirement in various organizations for Front End Development positions. And why not; it has many things to offer both Developers and Organizations. But now as @twbs team has announced the Twitter Bootstrap 4 alpha, there are many things that can … Continue reading Twitter Bootstrap 4 alpha: what’s new?

Single Page Applications with Routing in AngularJS

AngularJS is quite much in talks; reason being the ability to build the Single Page Applications with Routing. SPAs or Single Page Applications are the advancement in the web development which exploits the AJAX to its maximum extent. SPAs give a feeling of working on any Local Application; and these because of these SPAs, Hybrid … Continue reading Single Page Applications with Routing in AngularJS