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    Prithviraj Nag says:

    Hi, I am a B.Tech student of CSE interested in Hacking and with very little knowledge. Can you provide me with some basic knowledge and techniques to perform a practical hack with minimal information about the system that is being hacked. I want to learn techniques that are not “psychological hacking” techniques like phising where a fake webpage is presented and the entries logged. I want to learn a real hacking techniques where a penetration is made based on existing vulnerabilities. Also suggest good softwares for doing this. Hoping to get a reply. Thank you :)
    ~ Prithviraj

    Hello Prithviraj,
    for hacking you need to have full information of the system coz it will let you identify the vulnerabilities and so the possible way to a successful hack. And for this you can use nmap and then metasploit.

    With minimal info you can apply hacks like DoS and DDoS.

    And with least info you can you can apply hacks that you called “psychological hacks” to gain info.

    prithviraj … i think u can start learning from here …

    This is our other website where we share tutorials.

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